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Our privacy practices are technology driven, always following the current and updated technology trends. We always place our customers at the forefront of our creativity and innovation.

Some of our website and app services, requests, and features require that you, on your own, provide us with certain personal details (including but not limited to, name, postal address, email address), as mentioned more precisely below. Using any of these services is voluntary.
You authorize and warrant that you can only provide and use information on websites operating in your capacity as an employee, owner, director, officer or contractor of a corporation, association, sole proprietorship, non-profit or other legal entity, and that your interactions and transactions with OneSingleView.com take place solely within the conditions stipulated by OneSingleView.com.
Personal information comprises of the data which is required for your identification or/and as your contact information. Your personal information, collected from any of our sources, may be used for business purposes, including delivering our products and services to you and for marketing and advertising purposes. We request you, as our esteemed customer, not to send us your personal information through any of the third party websites, or via email to contact email addresses mentioned on the websites.
These end-user terms of service(“Agreement”) imply a legal agreement between you and OneSingleView, that is applicable to you, as an End-User, each time you use and access OneSingleView website, app, product or services.
By clicking “I agree” indicating electronic acceptance, or by installing, accessing or using the services, you agree to the Agreement. If you don’t agree to this Agreement, then you may not use the services.
This Acceptable Use Policy(AUP) regulates the use by OneSingleView.com and/or its vendors, associates and subsidiaries, of the various services provided by OneSingleView, including cash management solution, software-as-a-service platform, goods, services and other offerings. This AUP is an essential part of your OneSingleView.com agreement and is integrated into the terms according to which OneSingleView.com grants you the right to access and use the Services(“Agreement”) by reference.
This AUP is intended to define the permissible and prohibited use of the Services and to ensure that the use of the Services complies with relevant laws and regulations.
You recognize all the activities, policies and procedures mentioned herein by accessing the websites, and you further signify that you agree to be bound by the terms of this Privacy Policy.
OneSingleView.com and its partners make use of cookies and other tracking technologies to monitor the behavior of website users for better user experience enhancement, track visited sites, time spent accessing a web page, status of error messages, save user information for more personalized experience, and store username or related login credentials to avoid providing this information again and again.
The use of OneSingleView services implies customer compliance with this AUP. The right to change or modify this AUP lies solely with OneSingleView, coming to effect when posted on OneSingleView website, www.onesingleview.com
Usage of the service by the customer after changes have been made to this AUP shall constitute approval of any amended or additional terms.
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