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About SABB (Formerly Saudi British Bank)

The Saudi British Bank, SABB, is a Riyadh-based banking and financial services provider serving the areas of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and the United Kingdom. SABB is a joint-stock company of which the minority shares are owned by HSBC Holdings PLC. SABB is one of the top 5 banking and financial institutions in Saudi Arabia with over 80 branches in the country and one branch in the United Kingdom. With its merge with Alawwal Bank, SABB has become more powerful to offer retail banking and other commercial services in the country and outside the country. SABB is also a leading player in trade finance, foreign exchange, equity, and debt wholesale banking and advisory.
SABB serves its customers across the retail and business (commercial) sectors by offering services like banking, money transfers, financial services, etc.
Bank name
  • SABB (Formerly Saudi British Bank)
Bank URL
Swift code
Bank code
  • Saudi Arabia, KSA
Bank type
  • National
Bank charge
  • National & International
Cut-off time
  • 3:30 PM AST
  • SABB - Head Office, P.O. Box 9084, Riyadh - 11413, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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