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What type of payments are supported?
SingleView supports all types of payments including Own accounts, Same Bank, Sarie (local), Swift, SADAD, RTGS, NEFT, IMPS, etc.
What information do I need to make a payment?
You need to select the debit account and enter the beneficiary account details. That’s it!
What is Approval Flow?
Approval Flow is the passing and approval of your payments by the concerned authorities of your organization. The best part is, with SingleView, you can customize it effortlessly!
Can I view the payment status?
Of course, yes! SingleView allows you to view the payment status in the payment history as well as the approval status whenever you want. You also get timely emails and notifications related to your payment status to make it even more convenient.
Is SingleView secure to make payments?
No doubt at all! SingleView provides you with the highest security protocols that include end-to-end encryption between our APIs and bank APIs. To make your payments more secure, all the payments are validated only after you provide the right OTP.
What type of transactions can I view on SingleView?
You can view all types of transactions that include net credits, net debits, and net balance across all banks along with respective transaction details.
What period of transactions is available on the system to view?
To make the system light, you can view your transaction history done for the last one year.
What happens to the transaction history once it crosses the mentioned period?
We encourage our users to download the transaction details once a year accordingly. To make the platform lighter, we keep our databases clean to make your experience as smooth as butter.
Can I download my transaction history?
Yes! SingleView allows you to download the transaction history in PDF, XLS, and CSV formats.
Is the transaction feature meant for both payments and invoices?
We make you keep track of everything.
Is my transaction history visible to all users?
No! Only you can access all the details related to your account at SingleView. There are no unauthorized entries to keep your data secure and private.
What type of SADAD bills can I pay through SingleView?
SingleView supports payments for all SADAD bills (MOI and Utilities).
What type of details do I need to pay a bill?
At SingleView, it's simple! All you need is to provide your bill details like billing number, etc., and we will retrieve all the related details for you. After this, simply provide your banking details to make the payment.
What is auto-bill payment?
Yes! To avoid any penalties and delayed payments, SingleView allows you the option to set the automatic bill payment feature. All you need is to create a bill and set a due date. You are good to go! The respective bill amount will be automatically deducted from your account on the mentioned due date.
Can I view my past bill payments?
Yes! SingleView allows you to view your bill payment history. Plus, you get timely updates via email and SMS.
What is the use of the Approval Flow feature in bill payment?
Approval Flow follows the Hierarchical Management Policy. You can customize the flow by assigning the approval authorities to concerned people in your organization.
What makes SingleView different from other bill payment platforms?
Speed, performance, security, User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX), and everything else. All these features at SingleView are stronger and better. Not to forget, we help you avoid penalties and payment delays by providing you timely bill payment remainders, an automatic bill payment feature, and the tracking option.
What type of ERPs are supported in the SingleView’s Reconciliation feature?
SingleView supports Microsoft Dynamics AX, Oracle Financials, and SAP.
How does SingleView Reconciliation work?
To make the Reconciliation process efficient, quick, and error-free, SingleView uses AI-based algorithms to auto-reconcile ledgers and bank-statements saving your time and efforts.
What is Auto-Reconciliation?
Auto-Reconciliation feature enables you to trace and correct any mismatches between your internal records and bank statements automatically.
Can I use the Reconciliation feature for more than one bank account including different banks?
Yes! SingleView provides you with the flexibility to utilize the Reconciliation feature for multiple bank accounts.
How to recognize a Phishing or fake case?
If you are asked to share your banking or financial information like account passwords, PIN, etc., through an email or text, or call, do not reply. SingleView does not request you to submit or share such sensitive information by sending emails, texts, or through calls.
How to protect yourself from Phishing attacks?
  • Protect your computer with a good security software
  • Keep your devices updated
  • Enable multi-factor authentication
  • Create a backup
What to do if suspect an email to be a Phishing attack?
First things first, make sure that you have an active account with the sender company.
  • Check for the email address. If you are sure about it as a phishing email, do not open any links or attachments. Report the email and then delete it.
  • If you are not sure about it as a Phishing call, then contact the sender with the right information. “Not with the information available in the email or text”.
How to report any Phishing or scammer’s emails and calls?
Send us an email at info@onesingleview.com with proper information about the incident. Also, let us know if you have already made any responses.
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